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Product Detail


HK-100 Series three - axis, multi - process control system

HK-100 Series three - axis, multi - process control system
Product details

HK Series control box system

HK series control system is based on industrial motherboard control box system, support mouse keyboard, easy to operate; System disk write protection from virus attack; Using intelligent foresight, using excellent motion control algorithm, to ensure the quality of processing; Support multiplexable I/O ports; Adopt hardware time encryption to protect customer rights and interests. Applied to the control of three - axis engraving, multi - process and other fields.

HK-100 Series three - axis, multi - process control system product parameters


Number of control axes33
Position signal typePulse/DirectionPulse/Direction
Control signal typeDifferential signalDifferential signal
Pulse frequency200KHZ200KHZ
Spindle speed signalAnalog signal (0-10V)Analog signal (0-10V)
Multi-process control
Drilling function

Tool magazine function

Handwheel function
I/O port compilation control
G code
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